Boarding Services

Heartland Stables Horse Boarding Services | Redlands CA

Standard Boarding Services include:

  • Feeding two times a day.
  • Barn and Mare Motel cleaned once a day.
  • Pipe Corrals cleaned daily.
  • Variety of hays offered for feed.

Also Include the use of:

  • Three Arena’s (One with Lights)
  • Six Wash Racks
  • Eight turn-outs
  • Two 45′ Bull Pens
  • One 40′ Round Pen
  • One 60′ Round Pen
  • One Hot Walker
  • Miles and Miles of Trails with year round water crossings.

Here at Jeffries Heartland Stables we offer several optional services to make owning a horse easy for you and help your horse feel at home.

Optional Boarding Services:

  • Daily Grain and supplements
  • Daily Blanketing
  • Turn out options
  • Monthly Trailer storage
  • Short term board

We are willing to customize the care for the comfort of you and your horse.